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What is Stress-Less?

Stress-Less FC is a holistic health and wellness platform built for every individual to build a true sense of health. It came from the story of our Founder Michael Adu and his amazing story of personal, physical and mental growth, Using his techniques, Stress-Less was formed and has helped hundreds of people improve their mental, physical and nutritional health.

Our Mission

Our mission in Stress-Less is to provide a service where everyone can work on their mental, physical and nutritional health, no matter what circumstances they are in. 

Creating an affordable, yet high quality service is our aim using the latest methods in science and holistic health to bring real change to your community.

Our aim is that give individuals the power of choice and health back. After using our platform for 6 months, we believe that we can give an individual the tools they need to grow and develop by themselves. This is our mission.

About Stress-Less

Everyone deserves the right to be happy and healthy. Our aim as a company is to deliver effective methods to our community so they can increase the quality of their lives, build strong human relationships with like-minded people and to be a force of good change in the world.


07732 220903
Main Address: The Quad Club, Crowne Plaza Docklands, London, E16 1AL


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